Palm Pre Release Date: What are your predictions?

The Palm Pre is expected to be released soon and there have been many debates on just when that will happen. Several dates have been offered up in rumours such as AT&T stockpiling ammo for the Apple iPhone Vs Pre skirmish.

Other like Palm Pre spotted in the open claim the Palm Pre will be released on May 17th, and Sprint halting employee vacations again for a May 17th release. But there have been other “release dates” that have come and gone and still no Palm Pre.

So as there is no real concrete confirmation that the Palm Pre will actually hit on May 17th what release date would you predict? We’d like to know what our readers think,, will the Pre be out on May 17th or will that be just another rumour.

So readers, the question is…What are your predictions?



10 thoughts on “Palm Pre Release Date: What are your predictions?”

  1. no use says:

    This is what journalism comes to when there’s nothing to report…what do our readers have to say. I’m not holding my breath…they’ve stuck to the Q2…so that gives them till June 30. But, just like previous palm releases, this may or may not hold true.

  2. PhonerBoner says:

    “It has officially been confirmed by both palm and sprint that the pre will be released on the 32nd day of the 13th month.”

    so everyone needs to continue to be patient

  3. mark says:

    may 17th for sure. i heard a rumor back in february that the palm pre would be released right around the finale of survivor and that is may 17th, and among all the release dates may 17th seems to be spoken about more than any other so, my money is on the survivor finale.

  4. Bob says:

    definitely. first of all, they have to release it before at&t releases the new iphone later in the year. and second of all, may 17th is the most common date on the internet.

  5. brett says:

    This phone is going to be a disappointment. Have you watched the you tube videos? Stumbling around trying to get the wavy menu up while in an app. i was hoping with all this hype that it was going to be as fluid as iphone. Not gonna happen on this one. Will still wait till release to check it out before i switch to ATT and get iphone but i have a strong suspicion this pre is 50% hype as usual.

  6. It will NOT before May 17th….

    And No Later then June 17th…

    The real question is: We will be able to GET one, or will there be a huge waiting list in which the release date means nothing if we don’t GET the phone till Xmas?!

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