New iPhone, OS 3.0 and Push Notifications Ready for WWDC 2009

Are you all geared up for WWDC? This is the event of all events that should excite a few of you and Apple will excite, we all know that the all new iPhone is definitely coming and let’s hope the date of July 17th is the right date.

WWDC all starts on the 8th June and runs until 12th June just in case you have forgotten, there have been so many predictions with the specs of the iPhone, what we can expect from the all new OS 3.0, Push Notifications etc etc, but we are still left with so much on our minds. If the hardware and software is ready we can see July 17 being true, well we can see the hardware being ready so it is all down to the software, Apple missed out on Push Notifications in firmware 2.x which was a shame because this would have been fantastic back then, the question is “Will Push Notifications be ready for iPhone 3.0?

Well after reading over at MacRumors Apple seem to be finalizing or should we say wrapping up its high-volume testing of the push notification feature that it began in mid-April, apparently the notification that testing is complete with the release of iTunes 8.2. Before I go on “Do you think Steve Jobs will make a special appearance?

We have so many questions like: Will OS 3.0 be backward compatible? What will the final new iPhone 2009 look like? Will the new iPhone have the matte black back-cover like we mentioned here? There are many videos of what the new iPhone could look like, so what is the real one? (See Here). All we know is, it is all happening and you only have to wait until the 8th June.


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  1. Of course iPhone OS 3.0 is backwards compatible, Apple has stated as such. The only difference is that some features will not work on the first generation iPhone. This is all freely available information in Apple keynotes and on their website. Please, please, read and research properly before you write.

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