New Apple iPhone 2009 Specs, Features, Release and Price Recap

Obviously we will be bringing you the full specs and features of the all new Apple iPhone 2009 in our specifications section, but for now we will give a quick recap of what we know.

So far we know that this phone will feature either 16GB and 32GB versions which means it will no longer be 8GB models, 3.2-megapixel camera which is better than the current 2 megapixel, Video-recording/editing capabilities, the long-awaited ability to send a picture & video via MMS, metal band surrounding the edge will disappear, OLED screen, the new iPhone will also have 1.5 times the battery life of the current models, Built-in FM transmitter, Double the RAM and processing power, Built-in compass, Rubber-tread backing and Sleeker design.

Got to love the fact that the Apple logo on back will glow and the fact it will have camera/GPS/compass and Google map combined and Turn-by-turn directions. This all new phone has been given a date of July 17th but we are expecting it to be a before, roll on WWDC. We will keep you posted of course.


2 thoughts on “New Apple iPhone 2009 Specs, Features, Release and Price Recap”

  1. Steve says:

    When the new iphone comes out, are they ever going to make it where you can carry insurance on them. My lense cracked a couple of weeks after I bought my current iphone and they wanted me to buy a brand new phone.

  2. Cos says:

    Apple has always been very concerned with battery life on their phone, yet they want to have their logo light up? Sounds like a big rumor to me on the light up logo. With that said, seems like the rest of it could just be rumors as well; maybe they want to keep the “Iphone 3G” going until their 2010 contract expiration with AT&T.

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