WWDC 2009 Insight Expectations: New Apple iPhone nano and Macbooks

We are going to give you the WWDC 2009 Insight Expectations, yes how about the New Apple iPhone nano and of course the Macbooks.

Only a few more days and the big doors open at WWDC 2009 and what an event to excite, rumours this rumours that and plenty of expectations flying around at the moment, so what can we expect to hear at this special event? Well we know for a fact that there will be the announcement of iPhone 3.0 but there are a few more predictions such as the Macbooks and iPhone nano.

The Cheap iPhone aka iPhone nano which is said to be a 4GB version, the name might change who knows, the iPhone can stay the same size but will lack in a few features we will have to wait and see, speculations say that this new iPhone will cost somewhere in the region of $99, we say a 4GB version is very good indeed because there are a lot of customers who never need big storage.

Ok so what about the Macbooks: This is pure speculation via Apple Matters, the range will consist of three models which include the low-end 2.0GHz unibody at US$1299, the white 2.13GHz at US$999 and the high-end uni-body 2.4GHz at $1599.

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