WWDC 2009 Prediction: What a difference a year makes

Indeed what a difference a year makes. Back in 2008 was were given the 1Phone 2.0, iPhone SDK, iTunes App Store, MobileME and the iPhone 3G, with the latter 2 being announced at WWDC 2008.

So what to expect at WWDC 2009? The iPhone Blog does a prediction at just what we might expect based on Apple patterns such as they like showing iPhones in June.

They predict that Schiller will either elborate on Apple’s Macs iPods and then iPhone or single out the iPhone right away, but Schiller could say they are not there today to discuss iPhone hardware, and opt for the rumoured later date announcement but that way isn’t expected. They further predict that the iPhone 3.0 will lead the event with a rundown of OS details, followed by a demo, iPhone 3.0 features, and iPhone 3.0 release date.

This will be followed by MobileMe, iPhone international, the 3rd generation iPhone, pricing and availability, and to end with a possible new advert. It will be interesting to see if their predictions are correct.

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