Palm Pre vs iPhone 3GS: Let Battle Commence

The iPhone 3G S has arrived and with it comes a big challenge to the Palm Pre. On face value the iPhone 3G S doesn’t look much different from the iPhone 3G, but on the inside is where it all takes place.

So how does the iPhone 3G S compare against the Palm Pre asks pcworld, the main difference being for the same price of a 16GB iPhone 3G S the Palm Pre offers a lowly 8GB, and the lowering of the 8GB iPhone price to $99 is surely going to cut into Palm Pre sales.

Oh the other hand, the Palm Pre does better on the data plan front, as AT&T hasn’t reduced their iPhone tariffs, so the Palm Pre wins in that area.

But probably the biggest difference is the iPhone 3G S ability to record 30fps video with audio by simply switching from still to video.

The battle of the smartphones has now begun, which will you opt for?


2 thoughts on “Palm Pre vs iPhone 3GS: Let Battle Commence”

  1. Joe says:

    I disagree. The main difference is multitasking and synergy of calendars and contacts which pre offers and iPhone doesn’t. As a communication device and organizer, pre is superior. As a “cool toy” iPhone wins. Depends on what you’re looking for.

  2. tomascco says:

    Video? You cannot be serious. If it were HD maybe, but VGA? Come on. IMO the Iphone is still trying to catch up to the Treo 600 series in basic features.

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