Is Palm better than New iPhone? Hands-on

That’s the big question isn’t it? Well computerworld has got hold of the Palm Pre and have given it some hands-on treatment and also compared it against the iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 2.0, and the specification sheet of the iPhone 3G S.

The reviewers view on size is that the Palm Pre is a tad smaller and lighter than the iPhone and has a more “organic shape” than the rectangular iPhone and thus feels better in the palm (excuse the pun.)

The Palm Pre has a 3.1 inch display which is smaller than the iPhone but is comfortable for web browsing viewing videos and emails. On the software side, the Palm webOS doesn’t show as many icons as the iPhone but the colours are more vivid.

To read the entire hands-on review hit up the link, but the reviewer does conclude that the Palm Pre is the winner and is better than the iPhone.

Do you agree?

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