New iPhone 4.0 2010 Top Ten Demanded Features

The iPhone 3GS has been around for a couple of weeks and thus is becoming old news as thoughts turn towards what can be expected from Apple next, the iPhone 4.0 2010.

Looking forward, itwire has come up with a Top Ten demanded features that should be include in the new iPhone 4.0 2010 and are as follows…

First comes a front facing camera as video chat is still missing…iPhone 4.0 2010 should double the memory again and deliver 64GB memory…for better colours how about an OLED touch screen…upgraded WiFi to 802.11n…an iPhone Pro version with a larger “Tablet” type display.

Next 5 wants are…the much talked about removable battery…a removable microSD card slot…more megapixels and HD video recording…900 MHz 3.5G frequency… and finally proper multitasking.

Now, what would you like to add to the iPhone 4.0 2010?


6 thoughts on “New iPhone 4.0 2010 Top Ten Demanded Features”

  1. Leon says:

    ALL I WANT is an FM radio,
    I just want to be able to listen to Chris Moyles on my way in in the morning without having to carry a separate pocket radio

  2. Tom says:

    Lets see, Having and Adobe Flash player so we can finally go to flash websites, faster processor for multitasking… the 3GS isnt that much faster than the 3G.

    Multitasking, multitasking, multitasking!

    oh, and multitasking..

    Take it easy

  3. IPHONE (FAN) says:

    Chat Include
    HD Recorder
    Better speaker
    Less drop calls
    2x fast than 3gs
    Flash player
    Option to buy or add different text message sound like the ringtone.

  4. Stephen says:

    It is all about FLASH. Both kinds actually. The camera is absolutely worthless at parties, bars and indoors in general. An LED flash would resolve this.

    And then there is online Flash. Good or bad who cares? The whole world uses Flash except iPhone. Progress stalled because of one man. You’re right Steve. Now get over it and put flash on the iPhone. Thanks!

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