BlackBerry Curve 2, Motorola Sholes, Nokia Twist 7750, and more for Verizon

Documentation gain by the guys over at the BGR shows that the BlackBerry Storm 2, along with the Motorola Sholes, Moto’s first Android handset, will be with Verizon Wireless sometime in October.

The documentation also shows the launch windows for the Samsung Rogue, Nokia Twist 7705, LG Chocolate Touch, HTC Blitz 2 and the BlackBerry Curve 2 all with Verizon.

The Samsung Rogue is expected this month with a price tag of $370, September will see the Nokia Twist 7705 at $230, and the Samsung Intensity at $160. October will gain the aforementioned BlackBerry Storm 2 although no price as yet and the Motorola Sholes again no pricing, as with the HTC Blitz 2, while the LG Chocolate Touch should command $230, finally the BlackBerry Curve 2 hits in November with pricing to be advised.

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