Palm Pre to guest in new series of Heroes

The Palm Pre smartphone is no stranger to turning up on TV such as in Heroes, Sprint even has a dedicated webpage in the Now Network for Heroes, and word is that the Palm Pre will be making another appearance in the new season of Heroes due to begin on the 21st of September reports mypre.

No word on if the Palm Pre will command a staring roll like the Nissan Versa has in the past or whether it will only be a short cameo roll in the new series of Heroes.

Personally I can’t really see what the big deal is about a smartphone popping up in a TV show, after all it’s not like the Palm Pre is a totally new smartphone just hitting the public arena is it, I guess it’s just to keep Pre fans happy, although I could understand the HTC Hero making an appearance in Heroes.


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  1. Angelica says:

    The Palm Pre is definitely on TV. Yes, it was the star of the Heroes’ commercial series, but it’s also Jack Bauer’s phone on 24. Anyone who knows Jack Bauer, knows that he receives very critical hi tech information on his phone and he uses it to save the world from terrorism.. nuclear explosions right now. Also, the lead character of Flashforward, who is also trying to save the world, is using his Palm Pre. The message is, if you’re going to save the world, you better have a Palm Pre. I’m not saving the world, but my Palm Pre helps to keep my life in order. I’m very happy to finally have video recording on the phone.

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