If money was NO Object what 2009/2010 Smartphone would you Purchase?

Now here is something that would interest us and it is kind of funny we have never asked this yet, “If money was NO Object what 2009 Smartphone would you Purchase?”

There are so many smartphone models already out and of course new models coming very soon being it 2009 or 2010, there are so many to name so we will name a few for you (You can also use our poll below by voting), you have: Apple iPhone, T-Mobile G1, HTC Hero, BlackBerry Tour, BlackBerry Storm and Storm 2, how about the HTC Leo, HTC HD2, HTC Pure, Acer neoTouch S200, HTC Touch Pro2, Nokia E71x, Palm Pre, HTC Imagio, BlackBerry Bold 9700, Motorola DEXT, HTC Tilt 2, Palm Pixi and so many more, you even have the new Dell/AT&T phone with a planned launch coming soon. If we have missed a smartphone not named in the list above please do use the comments area and let us know which you think is the best.

Now saying you have enough money which if money was NO object, what smartphone would you purchase, we would love to know what would be your dream handset and why. Please use the poll area below and get voting, and do not forget we have a comments area so you can write whatever you like.

We here at phonesreview.co.uk would like to thank Tom Torre for emailing us this question to put forward to our readers.

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6 thoughts on “If money was NO Object what 2009/2010 Smartphone would you Purchase?”

  1. Tom Torre says:

    I am looking for a smartphone that probably isn’t out yet – Using the Iphone 3GS as a base unit with the following add-ons (these have been mentioned hundreds of times) – 5 to 8 MP Rear Camera, Front Video Conference Camera, Removable Battery, xeon flash, 64mb, 1ghz processor, multi-tasking – not to much to ask for but I think Apple is going to roll out ONE or TWO of these features in EACH of their FUTURE RELEASES – Milk Us for All THEY CAN

  2. Eric says:

    my dream phone of 2010 would be an HTC HD2 android based released on the sprint network that also has a sim card for international gsm/3g/hspa networks to use while travelling.

    I have the touch pro 2 currently.

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