Beyonce and Lady Gaga hook-up for ‘Video Phone’ Remix Video

Two of the music industries pop divas are apparently getting together for a new project which will be a video remix of Beyonce’s “Video Phone,” and will of course feature Beyonce and teamed with Lady Gaga reports an article over on nydailynews.

The new Beyonce, Lady Gaga remix is to make its debut worldwide on MTV today. Apparently it was Beyoince’s idea to team with Lady Gaga for the video which apparently was made during the singers “I Am…” tour.

The word is in return for the video spot; Lady Gaga will return the favour and feature Beyonce on her new track “Telephone,” on her upcoming CD “The Fame Monster” which is due to hit the music world on the 24th of November.

In the remix video, Beyonce and Lady Gaga dress the same and sing about the thrill of making love over a video phone, and guys will no doubt drool when both wear white corsets, eye masks and very high heels.

Apparently Lady Gaga remarked during an interview that as she was learning the dance routine for the video, the crew dubbed her “Gee-yonce.”

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