Motorola Milestone Costs €1 from O2 Germany

Over the pond in the states the new Motorola Droid is having a fairly large impact mainly due to Verizon’s aggressive marketing, but the Motorola Droid will be commercialised with the name Motorola Milestone for other countries.

However, whether it’s called the Milestone or Droid, the word according to an article over on softsailor is that O2 Germany is offering the Motorola Milestone for free; well the Motorola Milestone will actually cost the customer €1 when signing a two year O2 agreement for €20 per month.

The European version of the much hyped Motorola Droid features multi-touch while it’s American cousin doesn’t so the Milestone is one up on the Droid in that respect. However there is a downside as the Milestone lacks Google Navigation beta, but new Motorola Mileage owners do get a 60 day free trial of MotoNAV service.

So if you fancy a bit of Droid with the European flavour hit up O2 Germany and lay down your €1 and get the Motorola Milestone for virtually nothing.


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