Nokia and Palm Merger is Premature says Analyst

There have been several rumours floating the net waves that Nokia may purchase Palm; however according to an article over on redherring, a marriage between the two companies isn’t a wink in the eye yet says a Wall Street analyst.

Apparently analysts are of the opinion a combination between Nokia and Palm isn’t anywhere near happening for several reasons which include Nokia’s continuing facelifts to their Symbian OS, Nokia’s interest in open source operating systems and the high price of purchasing Palm.

Paul Costner of JP Morgan stated in an interview that Palm might be a consideration but he doesn’t believe they are, and there has been much speculation which is just premature at the moment.

Apparently Costner believes Palm could be worth two and a half times forward sales multiples which are based on valuations of related mergers. So what do you think, is a merger between Nokia and Palm likely to happen in the future?