Only One Maemo Handset in 2010 from Nokia?

The biggest mobile phone maker in the world, Nokia gave the mobile world the Maemo sporting Nokia N900 this year, but Nokia is apparently planning on pushing out just one Maemo Linux based smartphone in 2010 according to a source who has access to Nokia’s roadmap reports an article over on Reuters.

When contacted about there only being a single Maemo Linux smartphone planned for 2010, a Nokia spokesperson replied that Nokia does not comment on future product plans.

Nokia began offering the Maemo packing Nokia N900 only this month and with assumed plans to only push out one other smartphone with Maemo next year it certainly puts a dampener on the speculation that Nokia is going to dump Symbian for Maemo in 2010.

The Maemo operating system is seen as the key to Nokia’s battle against the iconic iPhone and several analysts had expected Nokia to push out several Maemo 5 handsets in 2010, but if correct it looks like Nokia will still be battling against the iPhone in 2010.

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