Will iPhone be playing Catch-up to Android in 2010?

The UK will soon see the launch of the Android packing Motorola Milestone which apparently according to an article over on the Telegraph is already being touted as an “iPhone killer,” mainly due to the Motorola Milestone running Android 2.0.

Google came up with Android to deliver a desktop experience to the mobile phone arena with things like email, quick web browsing and instant messaging, to the public. We all know all about Google and the rise of Android I’m sure.

However, the article says that Android phone allows the customer to do lots of things they can’t do on an iPhone such as run apps in the background and instant alerts from the likes of Twitter and Facebook and such.

They also say that if Apple doesn’t address some of these shortcomings with the next iPhone then the iPhone may well find itself playing catch-up with Android. The momentum of Android is rolling and many mobile phone manufacturers are queuing up to add Android to their portfolios and there is rumour that Google is working on their own Android handset that could compete against the iconic iPhone.

Yes it appears Android is on a roll and potentially a major player in the years to come, but I hardly think Apple will simply sit on their asses and allow the iPhone to fall behind. The Motorola Droid was touted as an iPhone killer, and didn’t happen, the Motorola Milestone again will fail to kill the iPhone; as for a Google phone, well that remains to be seen.

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