Can the Apple iPhone with Verizon be the next big thing?

2010 looks very promising for mobile smartphones, but many are asking will Verizon get the Apple iPhone. Well according to an analyst called Gene Munster he believes that the iPhone with Verizon Wireless will be the next big thing and new feature.

We found via Cnet that Senior research analyst for investment bank Piper Jaffray, Gene Munster that there is around a 70-percent chance that Apple may possibly launch a brand new iPhone with Verizon in 2010 sometime in the middle of 2010.

Now when you look at the middle of 2010 this all seems to tally up considering Apple always release a new iPhone in July, and there is speculation that Apple is to release a brand new 2010 addition of the iPhone, whether Verizon will get this new addition is something we will have to see.

If Verizon did get the iPhone the potential of sales would be phenomenal and according to Munster Verizon would double Apple’s market by 89 million subscribers. Now AT&T is the exclusive carriers of the iPhone in the US but this could be changed and we know this could happen considering O2 had exclusive rights to sell the iPhone in the UK, which was indeed changed leading Orange and Vodafone rights to sell it.

So can the new 2010 Apple iPhone with Verizon be the next big thing? Please vote below

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2 thoughts on “Can the Apple iPhone with Verizon be the next big thing?”

  1. Marisa says:

    Many of my friends have the Iphone, some switched from Verizon to AT & T to get it and they all have the same complaint, their service with AT & T sucks, and they would jump ship to Verizon in a heartbeat.

    Verizon plans may be a tiny bit more expensive but their coverage and customer service is way above average, if it weren’t for those two factors, I would’ve jumped ship a long time ago.

  2. David says:

    My biggest worry is that Verizon is going mess up this phone the same way that they have ruined other phones. Verizon has traditionally tweaked other phones so that subscribers have to pay extra to monthly fees to use Verizon applications from GPS Navigation to having the ability to view your voicemail messages. Almost all of the iPhone applications require only a one-time fee to download the applications and you can then use them without any monthly fees. Verizon not only charges you a fee to purchase the application but they charge you to download the application and charge you every month to use the application. Some applications available through Verizon range from $5.99 per month up to $25.99 per month each. Through Verizon the coverage may be good but the pricing is really bad.

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