iPhone to get Playboy App?

Has Apple changed their policy about adult content? Well apparently not. Basically we all know that Playboy is a men’s magazine, designed for men and full of scantily clad women for our eyes to take in, but the Playboy app for iPhone isn’t about that apparently.

According to an article over on intomobile the Playboy for iPhone application cuts out all the juicy girls and all the man friendly good stuff in favour of what we guys tend to tell our partner why we are reading the magazine in the first place…the interesting articles.

So don’t go downloading Playboy for the iPhone and expect to get your daily fix of naked womanly flesh because there won’t be any at all. There will be the editorial stuff such as videos of Playmate photo shoots, an intro to Playmate of the month and other articles of the like.

If you still want the fleshy bits you’ll still have to purchase that hard copy magazine, but if you are interested only in the article reading side then Playboy for iPhone is available from the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

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