Vodafone scrap HTC HD2 thanks to Apple iPhone Arrival

Vodafone is getting the arrival of the Apple iPhone so to make space they are scrapping the HTC HD2, are they doing the right thing?

Confirmation has come via Vodafone that they will no longer shelve the HTC HD2 in the UK which is a shame considering they only had it for a month, according to Know Your Mobile there was a statement that said the early 2010 arrival of the Apple iPhone 3GS and other ranges of smartphones is the reason why they are withdrawing the HTC HD2.

O2 and T-Mobile will continue to sell the HTC handset which is good news so they will not be sad that Vodafone is taking it of the shelves because it means more sales for them.

Do you think Vodafone are making a mistake by scrapping the HTC HD2? Please let us know what you think in the comments area below.


2 thoughts on “Vodafone scrap HTC HD2 thanks to Apple iPhone Arrival”

  1. I think is vodafone mistake for scrapping that phone, it is a brilliant headset and vodafone has one of the best network coverage in London, so far I have been to many restaurant that has basement, there are no other network that has full signals compare to vodafone. They should have keep this sale as iPhone 3Gs is available for o2, orange, tesco mobile and vodafone.

  2. Karen Musgate says:

    Remember there was a camera defect with the HTC HD2, causing pink photos. Now, if HTC withdrew the faulty units and recalled current stock, that would have caused the supply issues that Vodafone mentions.

    Added to that, the barrage of Android phones coming in January, and a new model iPhone, and the HTC HD2’s party has been spoiled.

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