Mozilla Firefox Mobile Release Date: Coming to Nokia N900 first

All those that have been waiting for Firefox will be happy to know that Mozilla Firefox Mobile will be coming to the Nokia N900 mobile phone first.

Apparently according to TweakTown there will indeed be a Windows Mobile version coming in 2010 sometime and possibly an Android version to follow, as usual there is no word of if it will ever come to the Apple iPhone, and obviously we will keep you posted on this one.

The mobile Firefox browser will be releasing on the Nokia N900 sometime next month if the sources are right, the Nokia device runs off the Linux-based Maemo platform and is very capable of running around 30 Firefox extensions.

The N900 device will not come pre-loaded with the Firefox browser which means you will have to simply download and install it yourself. Will you use Firefox browser on your mobile phone or will you just stick to what you already have.

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