AT&T To Gain Google Nexus One?

Okay so the word is surfing the net waves that there is to be a version of the Nexus One Android smartphone that is compatible with the Big Blue network of AT&T according to an article over on the boy genius report.

Apparently the rumour comes via one of their connects who states that the 3G compatible Nexus One being a “second” unlocked model with T-Mobile offering a locked subsidised version, although this latest Nexus One rumour is totally unconfirmed.

Apparently the same source was apparently so impressed with the latest Android handset from Google that they said they would their T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 for the Nexus One when it becomes available.

This is all unconfirmed obviously, but with AT&T supposedly losing exclusivity over the iPhone later in the year maybe they feel they need to replace it with the option of the Nexus One, we’ll let you know how it pans outs as soon as we hear more.


One thought on “AT&T To Gain Google Nexus One?”

  1. Kirsty Nelson says:

    There will be many variants of the Nexus One. Verizon will get the HTC Passion. Europe will get the HTC Bravo. These are all essentially the same phone as the Nexus One, but built for different networks. So everyone should be able to get the new Google phone.

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