802.11n WiFi coming to iPhone 2010 Perhaps

It may well be a tad early for next generation iPhone rumours to hit the net waves but they are as according to an article over on electronista there is a rumour that the iPhone 2010 will sport 802.11n WiFi and this rumour stems from an older job listing at Apple.

Apparently the job listing calls for a “WiFi Software Engineer,” that can implement 802.11n and 802.11b/g although apparently Apple does make it clear that the job position won’t be exclusive to a single device and will cover “mobile and phone products.”

802.11n WiFi is faster but isn’t seem in many handheld devices yet mainly due to it consuming too much battery life, however Apple has shown signs that they will at some point migrate to 802.11n and the iPhone 3GS 32GB and 64GB does have 802.11n but has been left disabled.

They say the age of the job listing could well point to 802.11n WiFi being included in the iPhone along the timeframe of WWDC 2010 in late June, more as and when we hear it.


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  1. Well i m Surprised to know that next generation iphone support Wifi technology. If Apple done this job it will be a great step for him. I m waiting for this next generation technology.

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