Nexus One: Will It Launch in UK same time as US?

Today is the day we should all find out just what is happening with Google’s latest Android smartphone, the Nexus One, and the official announcement should come this evening, UK time.

An article over on the Telegraph points out that so far we have all seen the videos, read the reviews, and the rumours about the Nexus One and realise that it has a sleek design and looks to be quite impressive.

They also pose an interesting question and that is, will Google launch the Nexus One in the UK at the same time as in the US or will us Brits have to wait like we did for the iPhone.

Thus far Google has remained silent over what their plans for the Nexus One over here in the UK are. Apparently the Telegraph spoke to one mobile network which said it is possible to launch a handset at such very short notice, but certainly would take everyone by surprise.

So maybe with Google making their announcement today we may gain a little insight into whether the Nexus One will come to the UK soon, or how long it may take.

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