Nexus One will only be a moderate success

Google will trumpet their new Nexus One smartphone later today, and even before the smartphone is announced some reckon it will never be able to compete with the iPhone. According to an article over on the register, the “Nexus One will never be as successful as the iPhone.”

They say back when the iPhone first made its appearance they also believed the iPhone would fail due to annoying operators and subsidy, of course they were wrong and say although Google will get it right with the Nexus One it still isn’t enough to make the handset an iPhone competitor.

Google has experience with operators since the T-Mobile G1 and thus know what operators want and Google’s business model isn’t a treat to operators so the Nexus One should be a winner.

The Nexus One won’t be exclusive and while Apple, managed to get operators to pay for advertising they say it’s difficult to imagine Google striking such a deal. But then again Google knows all about advertising and is ideally placed to make sure there is no confusion.

The correspondent finalises by saying that the Nexus One will be a moderate success that brings Google little revenue and serving as a reference platform for Android developers who will climb aboard via effective advertising.

I guess only time will tell, but what do you think, will the Nexus One be a great success and can it compete with the iPhone?

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