Google Nexus One customer complaints, have you complained?

Now the Google Nexus One phone is definitely one of the most talked about smartphones on the market but it does not come without problems according to customers, it was supposed to be an iPhone killer and one device that would rule the market.

The thing is since the launch of this handset there has been many complaints surrounding the phone and of course customer service, problems to date is mainly to do with the touchscreen, 3G connectivity, and support from Google and indeed high early termination fees.

Looking into it a little more we found that like Wired the Nexus One is not free and is not an unlocked phone, the device itself costs $180 with a 2-year contract with T-Mobile and $530 for an unlocked version, if the phone was unlocked it would not be with T-Mobile only would it. The device is only available via Google’s Online Store and not a phone you can obtain direct from T-Mobile Stores.

So you cannot go to T-Mobile for customer support nor can you get support via HTC as far as we know, the only way you can get support is via e-mail from Google. The forums are full of complaints from customers about the service they are receiving, the complaints are mainly about T-Mobile’s 3G network and that the Nexus One cannot receive the 3G network properly and keeps switching over to the EDGE network, which we all know is a lot slower.

Is it right that customers should pay an early termination fee like the one charged by T-Mobile, if you buy the subsidized Nexus One for $180 then decide to cancel current contract you will have to pay T-Mobile $200, and even Google is charging customers $350 “equipment recovery fee” if you give up on the contract within 120 days.

Phonesreview.co.uk Say: Like all new smartphones there are always teething problems at first, trying to dominate the market is very hard nowadays and trying to keep on top of things without many problems is near enough impossible, personally things will get better within time and Google should have postponed the Nexus One release until it had full support for customers at a level they could cope with, you can visit the Google Nexus One forum for support for help.

Nothing ever works out the way they should at first like the iPhone, there was teething problems with this smartphone and will always continue to have problems. Apple is pretty well established with its iPhone now and problems seem to get sorted straight away and can see problems with the Nexus One, T-Mobile and support for customers getting to a level where users will be happier.

Please let us know if you are one of customers with a complaint, we would love to hear what you have to say on the above matters.

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