Apple is Bigger; No You Are Not Says Nokia

We all know Apple and Nokia are bashing it out in the law courts concerning patent infringements, and with each wanting the other’s products banned from the United States; whether that will be attained is anyone’s guess but it will probably be resolved in the usual manner of handing over a disgustingly offensive amount of cash.

However it appears that the law courts isn’t the only place these two giants wish to do battle, as Nokia’s head of social media, Mark Squires, has taken the confrontation to the blogosphere in posting his thoughts on Nokia Conversations reports an article over on phone dog.

Basically what Squires is upset about is that Apple big guy Steve Jobs said in his keynote for the iPad that Apple is “the largest mobile devices company in the world.”

Of course the Nokia head goes on to refute such a claim by Apple, as Nokia is the largest mobile devices company in the world when comparing ‘apple for apples’, which means when you take out the computer and laptops bit.

So it seems that in the confrontation between Apple and Nokia, size does matter, but lets be honest doesn’t it all seem a tad childish to be arguing over size? Next it’ll be a case of my iPhone is bigger than your N900 or visa-versa


One thought on “Apple is Bigger; No You Are Not Says Nokia”

  1. mKizzo says:

    Jobs was very clear about how he defined “mobile devices” before making the statement (I’m sure the legal team prep’d him well on that part). Just sounds like Nokia is nervous to me- with good reason.

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