Update: HTC Desire DivX playback, 720P encoding capabilities

The HTC Desire seems to be a nice little smartphone and we have mentioned that you can pre-order it now in the UK, well now we have found a little more information for you via a couple of sources below.

According to MobileTechWorld and Android Community even though this handset is not even out yet is the next best Android handset since the Google Nexus One Phone, this snapdragon Sense UI device will apparently be getting the likes of DivX support.

Rumour has it that the HTC Desire will feature DivX playback and 720P encoding capabilities, yes it will feature DivX support in a future update.

We will obviously keep you updated about this device and of course release date and pricing. In the meantime, please do let us know if the HTC Desire is a mobile phone of your choice.


One thought on “Update: HTC Desire DivX playback, 720P encoding capabilities”

  1. The Desire is a good looking phone. It is based on the Google Nexus One: one major difference is that the active noise cancellation microphone has been removed. Hopefully this will mean the monthly contract cost will be within most peoples pockets!

    I think these will do much better than the Nexus One, purely because they’ll be easier to purchase [straight from your provider as an upgrade, rather than through the big G!]. You can check the latest htc desire contracts at mobilebeep.co.uk.

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