Verizon Wireless introducing two Microsoft phones for teens around May

Word has it that Verizon is to introduce a couple of Microsoft mobile phone sometime in May or possible June which will be targeted towards the teenage generation according to 2 people close to the matter reports an article over on businessweek.

Apparently the Verizon Microsoft mobile phones are said to deliver easy access to social networking along with keyboards enabling the user to text claims one of the sources while the other said that both handsets will be produced by Sharp Corp. and sport both the Verizon and Microsoft brands.

It would appear that Microsoft is taking a leaf out of the Google book and taking the same route as the Nexus One superphone by offering two handsets carrying their own branding, and the source has stated that Microsoft will continue to work with Windows phone manufactures along with mobile carriers which offer them.

Although Microsoft is sort of shadowing Google’s track with the Nexus One, Microsoft will not offer the phones directly as Google have done, and have opted to have Verizon Wireless offer the handset which have stemmed from the Microsoft Project Pink codename states the source.

Of course when approached on the matter, Microsoft, Verizon Wireless and Sharp all declined to comment. However, Kirkland analyst Matt Rosoff has stated the Microsoft phone will not sport Windows Phone 7 Series.

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