Video: 17 Minute Walkthrough of Windows Phone 7 Series

If you have missed all the hype hitting the net waves over the last few weeks about Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows Phone 7 Series, and would like a catch-up, you may like to take a few minutes time out to watch the video we have for you today.

The video is a Windows Phone 7 Series walkthrough which last a cool 17.15 minutes long and takes us through basically what is know about Windows Phone 7 Series, and uses a working prototype handset.

The Windows Phone 7 walkthrough starts off with the lock screen then goes onto the home screen which can be customised and personalised to the user with “live tiles” which elevate to deliver information.

I could continue, but I’m sure you’d rather head on down to that video which comes courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile, so without further ado off you go and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Video: 17 Minute Walkthrough of Windows Phone 7 Series”

  1. lrd says:

    I was going to say too little too late; but it’s also a fugly GUI and it’s not what people are use to; thus requiring people to learn something new.

    And with the HTC suit just announced, I heard and saw multi-touch elements that Apple’s protecting. Be ready to be sued.

    I heard that current Windows Mobile apps won’t run on this; yet another huge hurdle to overcome.

    Base on the above: timing, fugly GUI, no apps to start with and the high potential of a Apple law suit the chances of this platform succeeding is less than 25%.

  2. In Outlook (email client) I saw ‘flags’ as one of the ‘organize by’ shortcuts (along with ‘all’ and ‘unread’) – thats good.

    I saw a Sharepoint app in the app list – which leads me to conclude that I’ll be able to browse and work with Sharepoint services – thats good, too.

    I wonder if Windows Phone devices will be limited to a single ActiveSync account (eg current iPhonesOS 3.x devices) or if Microsoft will allow multiple Exchange-based accounts (email-calendar-contacts) on a single device? That would be VERY good.

    I like:
    – the aggregation concept they’re using vs. having to switch thru several apps to browse new email, rss feeds, tweets, etc on my iPhone.
    – that the phone is text-based rather than icon-based; the ’tiles’ of the launch-screen are not icons in the same way the iPhone’s UI has icons.

    Given all I saw in the video, if Windows Phone 7:
    – crashes as infrequently as my iPhone3G
    – offers nimble UI navigation speed to match an iPhone 3GS
    – includes Wifi as well as 3G radios
    – offers sync support (music, photos, video, etc) to Mac users

    then I’d seriously consider getting one to replace my iPhone 3G.

    None of the Android and WebOS phones have made me consider anything but sticking with iPhone.

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