iPhone and Droid outsell Google’s Nexus One

Google at the start of the year entered the mobile phone selling market with their launch of the Android based Google Nexus One by HTC through its online store.

Reports over on news.softpedia.com claim that now there are estimates on the sales performance on the Nexus One. According to Flurry the Nexus One had sales of 135,000 units during its first 74 days.

This is small in comparison to sales of other devices such as the Motorola Droid and also Apple’s extremely popular iPhone. Flurry estimated both the first week and also the first month of sales of the Nexus One.

Even though this is probably be one of the most advanced Android handsets so far to date the launch has sadly become overwhelmed by extremely lower than expected sales. Both the Motorola Droid and the Apple iPhone actually went eight times higher than Google’s Nexus One when it comes to sales.

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