Sprint’s Touch Pro2 WM 6.5 with Sense now

One thing is for sure it has definitely been a long long wait, but now users of HTC Touch Pro2 on Sprints network according to the folks at news.sofpedia.com can now enjoy the Windows Mobile update 6.5.

The Taiwanese mobile handset maker and the carrier have now made the update available for download. It was already rumoured that the solution was on its way but now it is all nicely official.

The Sprint Touch Pro2 update has already been posted by HTC on the its support website. And we have been informed that the software now includes the Manila Version 2.5 as was expected not to mention of course some other enhancements.

HTC have said that the upgrade enhancements include OS upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5, there are added HTC Sense UI enhancements, improved Social networking integration and a number of minor bug fixes.


4 thoughts on “Sprint’s Touch Pro2 WM 6.5 with Sense now”

  1. I got my phone flashed to 6.5 with sense and it is awsome! I have heard of some people who didn’t like the upgrade and wanted to go back to 6.1 which to me is crazy.But anyone who hasn’t got their phones upgraded u need to cause ur missing out on the best update there is for touch pro 2!

  2. kabobulate says:

    This totally transformed my phone. Upgraded a few phones at work today too, including some Verizon ones. The Sprint upgrade is much better than Verizon’s upgrade, hands down. I am very pleased with this update.

  3. stp2user says:

    I think I might want to downgrade it to wm 6.1 again. The new UI and HTC Sense in wm 6.5 update is really awesome, but it consume more ram. i.e. less available ram, less multitask.
    Maybe this will answer one of your question.

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