eXpansys UK: Google Nexus One Android Smartphone for sale

Yes folks if you are in the United Kingdom and want the one and only smartphone out of Google, Android packing the Google Nexus One, you can now purchase the handset from eXpansys UK, who have the Nexus One superphone up for grabs.

Of course if you purchase the Google Nexus One straight from eXpansys you can expect to shell out a whopping £599.99, but if you purchase 5 handsets or more you will receive a discount although what discount they do not stipulate.

eXpansys UK has 45 Google Nexus One smartphones in stock and the website says if you order the Nexus One by 4:30pm UK customers can expect delivery of the Android smartphone the following morning; there is a delivery charge of £6.76 as well.

So if you really don’t fancy going direct to Google for your Nexus One, you can now purchase it from eXpansys UK but at a premium, if you want to save a few quid opt to go direct to Google.

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