T-Mobile Gains HTC Desire in stores on 29th of March

If you are after grabbing the Nexus One doppelganger, the HTC Desire smartphone in the UK you may like to know that T-Mobile UK has now confirmed the HTC Desire is coming to UK shores and will be available in T-Mobile shops as of March the 29th reports engadget.

This is in addition to already being able to get the HTC Desire online and via the phone from T-Mobile that had a seven day delivery and for those that prefer to walk into a store and check out a hardest beforehand.

So if you are looking to grab hold of an HTC Desire and have a play before deciding to purchase then as of Monday you’ll be able to do such by visiting you local T-Mobile store.

Of course the good thing is T-Mobile is offering the HTC Desire for free when signing up for a two year agreement with a £35 per month tariff, or there are other options available.

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