Verizon’s new iPhone 4G 2010 may be delayed

A report yesterday from the guys over at product-reviews.net via appleinsider.com brings with it some rather alarming news in relation to Verizon and the new iPhone.

It had been confirmed that a Taiwanese maker of both touch screens and chips has accused Apple of violating one of their multi touch patents. The company that filed the complaint against Apple have requested that the US International Trade Commission ban all future imports of Apple products.

Elan Microelectronics who have already sued Apple last April over the same patents. And they have recently won a suit against Synaptics which is better known for making track pads and the iPod scroll wheel. Elan has accused Apple of knowingly and also deliberately using the technology and infringing on a patent that the company owns.

Now this really could be a big deal to say the least, the decision is out of everybody’s hands apart from the ITC who have to decide whether to investigate this or not, if they decide to it could take some 15 months to arrive at a decision. What effect if any will this have on the release of the iPhone expected this year? Let us have your thought on the matter.

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