Queue’s for Apple iPad smaller than for Apple iPhone in 2007

The latest product launched by Apple the iPad tablet computer has now gone on sale in America. This first generation tablet has got Wi-Fi but not 3G connectivity.

At present it is not available outside of the United States. The Apple store in Manhattan opened their doors at 0900EST to a crown of approximately 500 people eagerly awaiting to purchase their iPad tablet computer.

Strangely though the queues for the new iPad were considerably smaller than that of the iPhone when it was launched back in 2007. Having said that people were still dedicated and some travelled to the United States from all around the world in order to purchase a device.

Some people queued a day before the release even though Apple took pre orders. The company co founder Steve Wozniak joined in the queue outside an Apple store in California on Friday, he stated that he had pre ordered the device which retails at $499 – $829 although European prices have yet to be confirmed. Source – bbc.co.uk


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