Apple’s iPhone 4.0 OS invites sent for 8th April

Although the iPad was launched on Saturday that doesn’t mean that the subject of iPhone 4.0 is going to go away and hide for long.

Nope not for a minute as Apple have sent out invitations for a sneaky preview of the iPhone 4.0 OS on the 8th of April just a few days away.

So far the rumours of the additional or new features include being able to add contacts to the iPhone homepage as well as a global mailbox view and multitasking which is expected to work in the same way as Expose on the Mac platform.

It is presumed to work in a way which is similar to the way the HTC Sense leap offering which was announced during the Mobile World Congress, users will be able to reveal which applications they have running and then leap across from the same screen. Also hit the home button twice and it will trigger an expose like interface that will bring as series of icons representing the currently running apps. Source – pocket-lint.com

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