iPhone 4G vs. Microsoft Kin, Nokia C3, C6 and E5?

Well there seems to be quite a few new smartphones being unveiled lately what with the new Project Pink Microsoft KIN One and KIN Two, then the batch of new handsets from the Nokia stable, the Nokia C3, C6 and E5, yet there is still one smartphone that everyone is waiting for but isn’t on the horizon, the iPhone 4G.

The Microsoft KIN One and KIN Two are heavy social networking handsets, and so are the Nokia handsets, all these new handsets have that in common offering access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the like; which seems to be the way to go with new phones.

So as it looks to be that virtually all new smartphones being unveiled are social networking orientated perhaps we should expect the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4G as it has come to be know, to also centre round the social networking crowd as a recent survey showed teenage interest in the iPhone is on the increase.

I’m quite sure that with Apple’s experience with the iPhone and its operating system they could quite easily come up with some serious social networking features for the iPhone 4G, not that the current iPhone 3GS is lacking in the social networking department of course, and obviously the iPhone 4G will undoubtedly be the handset to beat once it arrives.

However, social networking via your mobile phone is gaining momentum as the younger crowd demand to keep pace with their friends around the world, and any mobile phone manufacturer who wants to remain at the top of the game has to look towards placing some damn good social networking features on their products.

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