Palm confirms Vodafone and 02 Germany will get Pre Plus, Pixi Plus

Originally posted as just a rumour after the sighting of a billboard in Germany it has been confirmed by Palm that it isn’t just 02 that will be carrying the Palm Pixi apparently Vodafone are joining in on the game as well.

What’s more although on the billboard we only saw the image of the Palm Pixi it won’t just be the Pixi Plus, the other webOS device that the Germans can look forward to is none other than the Pixi Plus’s brother the Pre Plus which will be going along for the ride as well.

The expected date has been reported as April 28th although sadly at the moment we have no exact details in relation to expected prices for either of the devices.

We would assume though that both 02 and Vodafone will subsidise both phones in a move that could actually make the Palm Pixi plus available for free on some contract that would include mobile data. Now the rest is up to Palm and their skills of negotiation to reach other Vodafone and Telefonica markets.

Source – intomobile.com via engadget.com

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