Access Flash on iPhone? Cloud Browse removed from app store

Now we are all aware that you cannot access Flash on iPhone through either Safari nor the new Opera Mini browser. Thanks to an article over on gadgetsdna.com I can give you an update.

How would you have liked to have been able to access Flash and Java on your iPhone? Would you have liked to have been able to access flash enables sites to view and play games? I’m sure your all nodding your heads right now.

Well there is some good news and sadly some bad news. The good news is that you could have done all this with the Cloud Browse application which has been developed by AlwaysOnGames it promised to prevent limitations of a mobile browser and at the same time have all the functionally of a desktop browser such as Firefox with the blessing of being able to view flash content.

The Cloud Browse browser can or should I say could have played both flash video and also java applications on iPhone. Both of which as you know are not supported on iPhone Safari Browser. The browser also was packed with full multitouch pinch capabilities in order for you to zoom in and out as well as flick scrolling.

Now I am really sorry to have to be the bearer of the bad news in relation to this good news but sadly it is no longer available. The Cloud Browse iPhone app was free but it has now been reported that the application has since been removed from the app store, so does that lead us to believe that Steve Jobs doesn’t want flash on the iPhone?


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  1. ben says:

    Get your facts right dumbass

    Why isn’t Cloud Browse in the App Store?

    We have voluntarily pulled the app from the store due to finding a bug that prevents keyboard from being used. We have fixed the problem and a new update will be coming soon!

    1. Do you have any idea how long has it been since you said you have fixed the bug and a new update was there soon? When? Are you kidding – we are ready to pay you guys. Bring that thing back and get paid for the effort of bringing flash live in iPad and iDevices! I can't wait to see CloudBrowse back in App Store. Hurry up!

  2. Gabe says:

    I luckily found out about cloudbrowse on 4-14-10, just in time to see the message on the opening screen that it would be reomoved from the app store on 4-15-10. It still works for all of us that downloaded it in time. Looking forward to an update with copy/paste functionality!

  3. Ellie says:

    I also was somehow lucky enough to find and download this app a couple off days ago before it's removal. But as others have stated, Cloudbrowse put up a notice on there homepage that 4/15 11:00pm est they would remove the app from iTunes so they ( give a better experience to user) guess that means they going to work out the bugs.

    This app does have alot of bugs bye the way. It's very slow, flash video playback skips frames alot, and you may have to open the app several times before connecting.

    However if I said I wasn't totally giggling with glee that I downloaded this app a day before removal and while it was free, I'd totally be lying. I CAN WATCH FLASH VIDEO ON MY IPHONE…$&@" YEAH

    Can't wait for the update and improvements.

  4. sam says:

    Is there a way i can get cloudbrowse to work in the uk? I downloaded from installious but says i gotta be in us or canada to use, OR it says become a premium user and access it out of US&C ? how can i do that?

  5. Kay biz says:

    Hi there when would cloud browse be available to download in the uk, answer to Mohammed just type cloud and it comes up, but I think it’s only can be used in USA n Canada…

  6. Yes it does play flash content but don't get your hopes up. Like the lassie above said, it's much slower than safari, not nearly as well-designed, and it freezes up and malfunctions all the time with no warning. It can be quite annoying if you just lost all your work because of it. I was going to delete it from my ipod when I found this thread.

  7. stoney says:

    i really don't want to jail breaking anything but surely apple, should know that what they are doing will only in the long run lose them customers and trust it what apple has a company do to earn there monies

  8. reece says:

    hi well at the momment it is only avilable in u.s
    hears what u do if u want it and dont want to jail break:

    go on itune make a american account

    then seach the cloud browser on your computer on goggle

    then go to the apple webite

    when your on it says get app hit that

    it come up on itunes

    login your account

    then download for $1:00

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