Adobe Flash Player 10 Download: rich web applications to mobile devices

There seems to be a bit of a problem with YouTube at the moment as only kent is reporting that most users are being asked to update the Adobe Flash Player to Adobe Flash Player 10, something obviously iPhone users won’t be interested in at the moment, but so many people are trying to upgrade and Adobe can’t cope.

Apparently gather.com has said that if you have already downloaded Adobe Flash Player 10 you should experience no problems and that apparently this glitch is to all of YouTube so suggest you try during the night when you may stand a better chance.

Some of the features of Adobe Flash Player 10 include the ability to “extend rich web applications to mobile devices,” again something any iPhone users can’t really be interested in as Apple have banned Flash from the iPhone, still, the iPhone isn’t the only mobile device out there is it.

According to product-reviews YouTube does require the user to update to Flash Player 10 and have posted a few details on what the new Flash update involves, and no it doesn’t involve anything for iPhone users unless Steve Jobs sees the light and allows Adobe Flash onto the iPhone.

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