iPhone 4G HD May Feature Super AMOLED Display from Samsung

The next generation iPhone rumours continue to come as according to an article over on intomobile, the latest of these rumours has it that the iPhone 4G HD could well sport Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology.

The guys say that this latest rumour stem from two key points; firstly there aren’t that many AMOLED panel makers in the world that can keep up with the iPhone demand thus Samsung is basically the only AMOLED panel maker that could keep up with Apple.

The second point originated from oled-display.net which cites sources which say Apple is looking to use OLED based tech in future products, and as the next product on Apple’s roadmap is the iPhone 4G HD and assuming Apple wants to create a big splash with the iPhone HD display then the Samsung Super AMOLED is a perfect choice.

So there was the key point that point towards the iPhone 4G HD possibly packing a Samsung Super AMOLED display, but then again as with all things future iPhone it’s all simply speculation for now.

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