Microsoft Kin Facebook page has over 50,000 fans

Microsoft’s new phones officially unveiled a few days ago known as Kin One and Kin Two seem to be enjoying increased levels of interest from users according to a recent article over at news.softpedia.com

At present the KIN Facebook page has already gained over 50,000 fans and 20,000 of them over the past 12 hours approximately. One thing is for sure the KIN is fast gaining further attention although at this stage it is uncertain whether the same will be seen in the market performance.

Microsoft had said when they unveiled the KIN phones that they were aimed at active users on social networking sites. And it seems that it is this segment that is showing the keen interest in the two new handsets.

For those of you that are not entirely familiar with the KIN and what it is all about, here is what Microsoft says about it. “KIN is a phone that keeps up with everything that’s going on in your life, and gets your message out into the world”.

On another issue there was a video that Microsoft modified that apparently included an offensive scene, which showed a young man putting the KIN under his shirt and taking a picture which was then displayed on the phone’s screen prior to being sent to someone. The following scene shows a young women looking at a picture on her KIN more than likely the photo from the previous scene.

There is a huge amount of young men and women that text explicit pictures to boyfriends and girlfriends and the scene was considered to be encouraging KIN owners to act in this way, especially as the scenes depicted the age range that the phones are aimed at. Subsequently following complaints Microsoft have deleted the scenes which were found offensive and have apologised for the situation.


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