Gizmodo iPhone 4G Escapade made TV

Well although the guys over at Gizomdo had to hand back that lost iPhone 4G unit the mobile would is all talking about they sure got some publicity out of the whole escapade as tv.gawker has now posted an article which delivers a fair bit of TV coverage.

Apparently Gizmodo’s Jason Chen received a visit from Good Morning America where we can get a good look at the new iPhone prototype, and apparently a rumour that the iPhone 4G was actually a plant.

More coverage comes from The View and the Today Show, Morning Joe, MSNBC, so we do have to say that for a tech site the guys did extremely well with all the TV coverage their iPhone 4G escapade brought which for a tech site is good news..

Let’s just hope that the legal eagles over in the Apple camp aren’t waiting to pounce and slap a lawsuit on Gizmodo which we have also reported on earlier, for outing the next iPhone after all what good half decent blogger wouldn’t publicise the secret iPhone if they had the opportunity?


2 thoughts on “Gizmodo iPhone 4G Escapade made TV”

  1. iphone says:

    The whole situation really sounds to me like an Apple-backed publicity stunt. I mean, come on, we're talking about a company that takes the secrecy of its up-and-coming products more seriously than its employees' pensions. I'm willing to bet the final version of iPhone 4G doesn't look anything like the one left in the bar.

  2. Shawn says:

    Apple has never backed a publicity stunt like that. They are control freaks and everything from their products to their marketing is nearly flawless. Apple would never do something like that on purpose.

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