iPhone 4G May be Available on Same Day as Keynote

Apple has now made it known when WWDC 2010 kicks off, and there has been much speculation whether Apple will unveil the next generation iPhone during the event; you remember, the iPhone 4G prototype that has become such big news since the iPhone 4G Gizmodo Scandal broke.

Well now according to an article over on the Telegraph, the next generation iPhone could be available on the same day as iPhone guru Steve Jobs makes his keynote speech at WWDC 2010.

Apparently the guys over at mashable has said “sources familiar with the situation,” have said Apple just might shorten the timescale usually associated with the announcing of a new iPhone, and apparently the sources say Apple may announce that the new iPhone is available on the same day as the announcement.

Of course it could be wrong and Apple may not announced the iPhone 4G at all and make everyone wait; however according to the article it says the timescale change would make sense due to Gizmodo prematurely leaking all the iPhone 4G details.

So is the rumours are true we could see the iPhone 4G or whichever Apple decide to call it go on sale on the same day as it is announced, if the rumours are true, and that is one big if.

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