Aava Intel Moorestown Smartphone, Specifications and Release Date

The very first Intel Moorestown powered phone which is said to maybe be coming to the United States is a touchscreen slab from Aava Mobile which was spotted at the CTIA Wireless trade show according to an article over on pcmag.com

Piotr Frasunkiewicz sales and marketing director of Aava the phone design house Aava Mobile is intending to shop the company’s reference design to customers who sell phones in the United States. This could mean that the unnamed phone from Aava could be the first handheld US device to run the Intel chip.

The phone itself kind of resembles something like the HTC Imagio which we have covered previously here from Verizon. The Aava phone looks more pocket able than the LG GW990 which is another Intel phone.

The GW990 resembles a sturdy lump, and the Aava phone certainly isn’t a slender looking device however, Aava are able to change a number of the specifications on demand as the phone is a reference design. The phone currently has a 3.8 inch multitouch screen with a 5 megapixel camera on the front plus much more, it is expected that we will see the Aava mobile around Christmas time. We will of course keep you updated as and when more details are released.

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