iPhone 5G Will Be 4G Where Next Gen Wont

The title basically refers to the next generation iPhone and what people have popularly named the next version, the iPhone 4G, which can be quite misleading as basically according to an article over on gadget venue by way of gaj-it the iPhone 4G won’t be 4G.

The popularity of the name iPhone 4G stems from the way Apple has previously named their iPhone handsets as I’m sure you already know, such as iPhone, iPhone 3G, adding the ‘S’ for speed and coming up with iPhone 3GS, and the natural progression would be to go with iPhone 4G right?

But when you take into consideration the ongoing roll out of 4G networks, then the iPhone 4G needs a name change because the next generation iPhone won’t actually be able to surf the 4G networks, especially if the next generation iPhone only goes with AT&T and thus this will be left to the one after the fourth generation, the iPhone 5G.

The 4G tag currently belongs to the only smartphone that can run on a 4G network, the Sprint EVO 4G, so when the fourth generation iPhone finally sees the light of day; which may be delayed by the way as reported (here) it should carry a different handle to iPhone 4G, now just what that alternative handle may be we will only find out when Apple is ready to let us know.

So with that in mind and dumping the 4G tag, anyone have any suggestions as to what Apple will call the next generation iPhone?

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