Intel Atom chip for Smartphones will open the door

It was announced by Intel yesterday its rather long awaited Atom chip designed for the use with Smartphones and also Tablets which is already a crowded market mostly populated by a range of formidable rivals dissimilar to the PC market in which it dominates. We reported earlier this morning about a new phone known to be the Aava Intel Smartphone which you can catch up with here if you missed it.

According to an article over on cnet.com the previously known Moorestown Atom Z6 processor series is going to open the door for Intel chips within the Smartphone market which is what Pankaj Kedia director in the Ultra Mobility Group has commented.

So far we have only really seen Intel’s Atom being used in Netbooks where is have been adopted on a large scale by a lot of PC makers which has proved a hit. The new focus of Moorestown is entering the Smartphone market and also the Tablet segment.

Said to be the brains of the Smartphone the system on the chip will do all the heavy duty work such as the core data processing and the handling of video and audio streams and graphics claims Kedia. It is also claimed that the Moorestown’s distinctive characteristic is its power frugality, and apparently it’s battery life is competitive with high end premium Smartphones, although not mentioned possibly Apples iPhone and Motorola’s Droid.

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