AT&T won’t let go of iPhone during 2010

We are all fully aware that AT&T are more than keen on having the iPhone available exclusively on their network in the United States and according to a recent post over on softpedia.com it seems they wont be letting go of it during 2010.

Previous news had led us to believe that the exclusivity agreement with Apple would come to an end this summer, however following the recent launch of the iPad 3G which we covered here it seems that deal may well have been altered.

It has been suggested that AT&T may have managed to obtain an extension of the exclusivity. According to Brian Marshall a Wall Street analyst it is likely that the iPhone would remain at AT&T until the end of the ongoing year.

Previous rumours of speculations were that Verizon would also be trying to get a deal on the iPad and has that hasn’t happened it somehow became clear that AT&T will be extending its exclusivity on the iPhone as a result of having data plans in place for the iPad.

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