Verizon iPhone first or Google Android Tablet?

We know there are a great deal of Verizon Wireless customer patiently waiting for the iPhone to hit the Big Red, but their wait continues as Apple has supposedly extended their exclusivity deal with AT&T.

However it does look like there may be a consolation prize in the form of a Google Android Tablet as according to an article over on eweek, Verizon has confirmed they are working on an Android table with Google.

According to the article, Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s CEO told the WSJ about the Android tablet on the 11th of May, and although spokespeople for Verizon have confirmed plans for a Google Android tablet offering they declined to say who was making the device and when it would become available.

Obviously any Verizon Google Android tablet would be going up in direct competition against the Apple iPad, and it’s fairly obvious that Verizon doesn’t want to be left out of the tablet market, but is delivering an Android tablet what people want or would they prefer the Verizon iPhone first, which is still a possibility as we reported (here)

So our question is fairly obvious, should the Verizon iPhone come first or the Google Android tablet? Drop us a comment letting us know your thoughts in the area below.

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