HTC Droid Incredible Review, Apps: Should I Buy?

There are many questions surrounding the new HTC Droid Incredible or simply known as the HTC Incredible, we wish to get to know this smartphone a little more and what better way to do so than asking you for your personal opinions.

Many readers have asked if they should buy the HTC Incredible or should they wait for the HTC EVO 4G that will be launching June 4, if you already own the Incredible please do comment below with your personal reviews and let our readers know if this is a handset worth buying, do you regret purchasing it now that the EVO 4G is coming?

The HTC Droid Incredible is a very good smartphone according to what we have learned so far but it does not come without a few teething problems, which you can read all comments here.

One reader said “I have had my Incredible since April 29th and have had zero problems with it. Every app I have downloaded has worked properly, the signal is good, and the processor is extremely fast. The phone quality is great. I can’t even find the words to say how happy I am with this phone. It truly is incredible.” Keep the reviews coming in please

Another topic to think about is apps on the Incredible, based on Google’s Android 2.1 operating system the pre-loaded apps like Google Goggles, Facebook and YouTube have been said to be a joy to work on. We would love to know what applications you have used and what you think of them.

So readers please answer this simple questions other readers have asked “Should I but the HTC Droid Incredible or wait for the HTC EVO 4G?


19 thoughts on “HTC Droid Incredible Review, Apps: Should I Buy?”

  1. Adam says:

    I am very happy with the Incredible. I received this phone a day early (Apr 28th) and have not had any problems with it at all. I do not regret waiting for the Evo 4G. I do not want to switch carriers and Verizon has the best service. This phone is very fast and I do not see it being outdated for a while. By the time Verizon has LTE up and running nation wide it will be time for a new upgrade. I recommended the HTC Incredible to anyone on Verizon that is looking to upgrade. Forget the Iphone buzz forget the SPRINT HTC Evo 4G. Get the Incredible. You wont be disappointed. For all the negative reviews posted about problems there are hundreds of happy owners who don't post.

  2. snoop says:

    Buy the incredible! I've had it since May 1st and have had absolutely no problems! Suuuuper fast, no glitches, super easy to use, so glad I switched from my iPhone! I haven't touched my macbook pro since u got this phone! I've downloaded so many apps I haven't had time to even open half of them (more than 200b and they've all been awesome! Buy it!

  3. Judy says:

    The choice should made based on personal preferences, for example, do you like Verizon or Sprint, or do you care who your provider is? What size phone do you want to use? (the EVO 4G is larger). I was stuck waiting for the Nexus One to go to Verizon for what seemed like an eternity. I ended up pre-ordering the Incredible and am extremely happy! My suggestion if you really just want a great phone and don't care about the little things. Get the Incredible because you can have it NOW and it is totally worth it!!

  4. love my incredible says:

    If anyone is just thinking about buying the incredible…stop thinking about it and just buy one! I am so happy with my phone I can't put it in words. The UI is excellent, it is lightning fast, the camera is awesome and every app works perfectly. I love the speech to text! My phone has become a can't live without item.

  5. Sandie says:

    So far I have had my Droid for 2 days and I am Loving what it can do. I just wish they would have made the texting board keys not flat. and the slidder slid up farther so you can access the keys at the top better.

  6. Nick says:

    I recieved the HTC Incredible May 4th, and it is an awesome phone. I needed a Blackberry or something compatable so I can use for work emails (outlook) etc. and this is perfect for that and much more. I am not a huge fan of BB and always wanted a iphone but will not switch to AT&T. This is better than an iphone with the exception of not having as many apps, but who cares! This phone is fast as lightening, a big enough screen excellent clarity, amazing camera and cam corder, and fun to play with.

    The Evo looks great but I buy phones for the network not the phone itself. You cannot get a better network than verizon. I have tried them all including Sprint and have been greatly disappointed. The Evo looks very cool, but regardless of the minor differences btw the two, a little bigger, a front camera and 4G, good luck with the bad reception and dropped calls like I experienced when I tried them for 2 weeks a few years ago. They just do not have as many towers as verizon so it is not as good period. I was even told this by an employee at Sprint. So a great phone on a sub par network does not make me to excited. Get this phone its awesome!!!

  7. jdoe says:

    I received my phone on the 7th of May and I love it. It is the best phone I have ever used. It is fast, intuitive and very small. I would kigkly recommend it.

  8. charles A. says:

    I've had mine since April 20th and of the phones I've owned in the last 14 months, including iphone,iPhone 3gs,Droid,storm 2, this blows them all away. I will get to try the evo for free and if the signal is better than Verizon where I live I will switch as their plans are much cheaper.

  9. Jennifer says:

    How sensitive is the touch keyboard? I went from a BB to the original Storm and hated the touch pad because it wouldn't work by my touching it with a finger nail. You had to touch the screen with your skin. So I went back to the BB. I type with my finger nails and would LOVE to try the HTC but hesitate. Advise on the the touch keyboard would be appreciated.

    1. Guest says:

      I just got mine yesterday… Sorry to say, it doesn't work with fingernails. It takes skin contact. You might try using the side of your pinky finger. I've seen some people do it that way, and it looks like it works for them.

  10. Phil says:

    I sell phones for a living, I've had the tour, eris, curve, e71x, iphone, iphone3gs, lg vu, razor 2 and a bunch of other crap. No phone has ever lasted more than 3 months. The incredible however, is by far the best phone I have ever owned. The operating system is fantastic, voice to text, free gps, super fast and a great network to back it up. If you are going to by it (which I recommend), go to Best Buy. No mail in rebates and way better accidental protection.

  11. abc111 says:

    The Incredible is truly, "Incredible". The Evo is a better phone by the specs, but when it comes down to verizon or sprint, we all now who wins. Verizon. The sprint 4g cant even cover new york. Not to mention you have to pay for 4g even if you dont get it. Like i said, the Evo is a better phone than the Incredible, but I dont want to go through my problems with sprint again! Also on cnet.com, it said the Evo loaded the full cnet website in 19 seconds! My Incredible loaded it in less than 10 seconds, with no errors!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. DLR says:

    I have had over 100 phones and PDAs including Blackberry, WM, Palm, and Droid. The Incredible is AWESOME! I have not had a single problem. I am a serious critic of devices so this lack of a single complaint has left me giddy about the Incredible. I downloaded all of my music in itunes via Double Twist and it was flawless. Then I found an app in the Market for $2.99 that grabbed all album art. The battery issue some complain of is ridiculous. Turn off your bluetooth and your GPS and your battery will last. And why is it so hard to keep it plugged into a charger when @ your desk or in the car? Just wish I could use it i my Bose docking station.

  13. DDM says:

    I have tried the Droid Incredible but went back to my Iphone. The speed of accessing the web is about the same. I did like the look and feel of the Droid Incredible but the Wi Fi didn't work all that great in my house, it took a long time to load sites. I was able to get better reception on my Iphone than on the Droid Incredible. I like the way I can access my yahoo mail on the Iphone, the search feature is better. On the Droid I had to load all my mail to search my old mail. Also, itunes is really good, I don't have to load media from different places.

  14. Annette says:

    I’ve had my Incredible since May and I LOVE it. I have not experienced any problems with it. One advantage I didn’t expect is I can go online at my house. I live out in an area that gets very sketchy phone service! I would recommend this phone.

  15. chad says:

    i love my droid incredible, i had the motorola droid and i would have to say i like the incredible 10x more. my friend has the evo and they are pretty identical in performance and functions. the battery is some what of a problem but it will last a full day with a full charge. but overall i love this phone

  16. chopa says:

    Droid incredible is the best phone i ever had. Its fast, easy to use, and the camara is awsome. I highly recomend the droid incredible. It is worth paying for it.

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